Steel Pentágono Corte Lateral Geometries Earrings


Price per couple
Geometric shapes, so simple and yet so complex. Starting from the purity of the line to transform it and to play with it.
The pieces are handmade subject to order, so a waiting time of 2 to 4 weeks is required for shipment.
If you need something more immediate, please contact us with reference to what you are interested in, and we will try to help you as much as possible.
Material: silver and steel
Measures 1 40x11x14 mm (3.5 g)
Measures 2 45x13x14 mm (4.3 g)
Measures 3 55x17x14 mm (6.5 g)
Measures 4 75x26x14 mm (12.1 g)
If you want to see how the different sizes look like, please go to Steel Earrings Pentágono Geometries.
ASK US FOR DIFFERENT COLOURS IN STOCK. Custom-made in the colour of your choice according to the existing models. Contact us once you have placed your order to discuss the colours.
The colours on the website may differ slightly from the colour of the end product.
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